Draining J model carbs

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The work is basically the same as on the older bikes. Here are the differences for the '08-->

It's stupidly simple.

Remove the right side main fairing (you can try to find a way to make this work with it in the way if you want). One at a time, put a 3mm allen wrench in each of the 2 drain bolts and open. Drain fuel into some sort of containment device, either a can under the drain or, better yet, a hose into some sort of container. Stand the bike up and rock it back and forth a little to make sure everything comes out. A LONG allen wrench would be VERY useful for the left side carb (the bolt faces the right side of the bike). Close the drain and do the other carb.

Running a bike "dry" leaves just enough fuel to almost guarantee fast varnishing and a mandatory carb clean.